Welcome to Smokin' Guns on Kitserve

This page contains information about Kitserve's Quake 3 setup. If you would like more information about anything on this page, feel free to drop us a line on smo­kin-guns@kit­serve.org.uk. At some point in the future instructions on how to set up your own dedicated Quake 3 server on Linux may appear here, but don't hold your breath!

The server usually runs Smokin' Guns [*] in deathmatch mode, and is admin'ed by Pyrite. The server should appear as Las Cruces Jail in the Smokin' Guns in-game server list, and has IP address The map list (at time of writing) is: Santa Fe Express (dm_train), Coyote Bluff, Dawn Fort, Dry Gulch (dm_dry), Fort, New Town, No Name City, Steamboat, Tillian Farm (dm_tillian), Alamo [tiny], and Green Hill Lake (dm_lake). All of these should be available in a default install of Smokin' Guns 1.0 or later. Kudos to the Smokin' Guns devs for their hard work, which made all this possible.

UPDATE: The Smokin' Guns server is currently on hiatus due to other commitments. We hope to have it back online soon. The notes below on how we got it running are a little outdated, but might still prove useful.

Smokin' Guns made a stand-alone release, version 1.0, at the beginning of 2009. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, it currently only supports x86 on Windows or Linux. If you're using a different architecture or a Mac (or maybe FreeBSD, but don't quote us on that!), but want to try it out, you have two options. The first, if you're comfortable compiling programs yourself, is to try out the latest svn version from the project's page on SourceForge, which is how Smokin' Guns was set up on this server. You want branch 1.1. Please report any bugs on the Smokin' Guns forums!

If that sounds too much like hard work, you can run Smokin' Guns through another version of the Quake 3 engine. Here's how:

  1. Install a version of Quake 3. Obviously, you can skip this step if you already have Quake 3 up and running. Here at kitserve, we recommend ioQuake3 (mainly because that's the most recently updated, and supports the most platforms and architectures), but the full version of Quake III Arena (if you own it) or the demo should do the trick too.
  2. Download the stand-alone release of Smokin' Guns from one of the mirrors or via Bit Torrent on smokinguns.fr or the Pirate Bay. The file is about 350MB in size, so it will take a while. If you are able to do so, please use the torrent to ease the load on people's servers! Make sure you get the zip version, not the Windows .exe installer.
  3. Unzip the Smokin' Guns release file. It should unzip to a directory called Smokin' Guns. Inside it you'll find a subdirectory called smokinguns. Copy this directory into your Quake 3 installation folder.
  4. If you're using ioQuake3 and haven't got the original Quake 3 textures available, you may also need to install a replacement for them. In this case, go into the unzipped Smokin' Guns directory again, and then into the subdirectory called baseq3. Copy the file pak0.pk3 into your Quake 3 installation folder, also in the baseq3 directory. Note that this step is NOT necessary if you installed the full version or the demo version of Quake 3, it's ONLY required for ioQuake3.
  5. You're now ready to launch the game. To do this, you need to run Quake 3 using the option +set fs_game smokinguns. For example, on a Linux setup with ioQuake3 you might use the following two commands: $ cd /usr/local/games/ioquake3 $ ./ioquake3 +set fs_game smokinguns On Windows, you'd want to do something like > cd "C:\Program Files\Quake III Arena\" > quake3.exe +set fs_game smokinguns Hopefully you get the idea. Alternatively, just start up Quake 3 as you normally would and then select Smokin' Guns from the mods menu.

Thanks to Joe Kari for showing how this second method could be done. Sad to say, the game won't run as smoothly as in the stand-alone version, but at least you can try it out. Note that it should also be possible to run Smokin' Guns through other Quake 3 mods in the same way, such as Open Arena.

As a side note, we would also like to host a Counter Strike server, but unless Valve release a PowerPC version of the Steam server (or better yet an open source version!) this isn't going to happen. Please write to them if you too would like to see a PowerPC/open source release of the Counter Strike server!

The kitserve team recommend listening to Two Gallants' Las Cruces Jail, or anything from Murder by Death's album Red of Tooth and Claw while playing for the full western effect! (Try Spotify, Last FM or Deezer if you want to give these a listen...)

Have fun! (and remember, it's only a game!)

[*] Note: Smokin' Guns was previously known as Western Quake III.

Hosted at Kitserve by Kitson Consulting.